Captain Honey

💰Honey Tokenomics

Players are able to trade their Buildings, Tools, Privilege cards on AtomicHub. Since the NFTs are owned by you and they reside in your WAX wallet, players can list and trade their Captain Honey assets at their own discretion.
In addition, to ensure that the game balance are maintained, Captain Honey Team will be actively looking at certain metrics to determine the size and frequency of our drops. These metrics will also be used to ensure the game resourse income from Captain Honey game are sustainable and balanced. However, we cannot be held responsible for the market value of these resources on third party portals. The game economy is built on several resources, they can be divided into tradable and untradeable resources: - Tradable resources include: mead, honey, wood and metals. Tradable resources can be exchanged in pairs with the WAX coin on a specialized exchange. - Untradeable resources include: labor force. Untradeable resources can only be used in the game. Thanks to the constant development of the game, the motivation of players to develop their colony with the help of more powerful NFTs, as well as the gameplay, which will require the burning of tokenized resources, the game development team has a wide range of tools that will allow you to create a unique economic and well balanced model of the interaction of players within the game. The most important and unique element of the economy game is the introduction of mechanics of obsolescence and wear of buildings and tools. Developing your colony, you need to keep up with the progress. Your buildings and tools become obsolete over time, so you need to monitor the development of new technologies! The game has developed a unique system of epochs. In each new era, old objects gradually lose their effectiveness and buildings deteriorate. But don't worry! When you change the era, you lose only the advantage, but not the colony itself. You should be up to date to be the best pirate of the game.