Captain Honey

⚒️Craft system

Common,uncommon and rare cards can be obtained at any time using the crafting menu. To do this, click on the corresponding icon in the game menu, where in the page that opens, the game will offer you the creation of all possible cards. To create cards, you need to have an appropriate amount of resources on the game account, according to the specified cost. If you have enough resources, you will automatically unlock the Create NFT card button. If you don't have enough resources, you can't start the process of creating a new NFT.
After confirming your decision on crafting, the card is instantly created and gets into your game inventory, however, within 48 hours you cannot withdraw the card from your game account, but you can freely use it in the game (fraud protection). Resources such as metals and wood will be used to create NFT cards of buildings and tools. Players have no restrictions on the number of new NFT cards created. Creating new NFT bee cards will be described separately in the Beebreeding section and work according to other mechanics. Epic NFT cards cannot be crafted, you can get epic NFT cards with a certain chance only when opening special packs.