Captain Honey

🐝Bees breeding

To get a new NFT of Bee, you need to cross at least two bees from the same family (at this moment will be available only one family). It should be one drone and one queen bee. A player cannot start the breeding process if he tries to use NFT cards from different families or cross cards of princesses and drones with each other. The result of the whole breeding process will be an NFT bee from the same family of a random quality: drone, worker bee or princess. Chances are listed below:
100% probability is only the family of the new bee, that is, there must be a 100% match with the family of the parents' cards.
  • dron (15%)
  • worker bee (70 %)
  • queen (15 %)
Reproduction will also require a certain amount of energy and a burning resource called mead. The formula for calculating the reproduction price is indicated below. The creation of new bees is possible only in a special NFT card called “Average Apiary” or “The Big Apiary”. In order to be able to interact with the card and multiply bees, cards should be placed on the appropriate playing field. The player must have at least two NFT cards (princess + drone) that are not involved in the game and are in an unlocked state on the Wax wallet. The player must place required two cards of NFT bees from the same family in the appropriate fields in the breeding menu after which the breeding bees button must be activated. The cost of reproduction is fixed and is indicated in the reproduction bee window. After activation by pressing the “Reproduction” button, the available resources are immediately debited from the player's in-game account according to the reproduction price. If there are not enough resources, the player does not have the opportunity to start the reproduction process. If all the conditions are met, the player (after debiting funds from his gaming account) receives a new NFT card called “Pupa”, which he sees in the corresponding field from the reproduction menu. The “Pupa” card will be locked in the breeding result field for 24 hours, at this time it cannot be removed from there and taken out of the game. After the time expiration, a "Hatch" button will appear under the NFT card with the “Pupa”, after click on which the “Pupa” card disappears. Instead of that new NFT card with a bee will appear on the player's wax wallet. NFT cards have no restrictions in the number of possible reproductions. After receiving a new NFT card in the process of reproduction, it can be further used in the game without restrictions or exchanged on the secondary market. How can i receive the "mead" coin for bee reproduction process ? Click on "Sea expeditions"