Captain Honey

📚Game plot

Imagine that you found yourself in the golden age of piracy, back in the 17th century. The world is full of new discoveries, romance and dangerous adventures. According to the legendary book called General History of the Pyrates, on the island of Madagascar, far from civilization, a free pirate state appears — Libertalia. In 1694, about a hundred pirates led by the captain, the Provencal nobleman Olivier Misson and the Dominican priest Carracciolli landed in the bay (now called French) on the island of Madagascar and founded a pirate colony that existed in the northern part of Madagascar for two to three decades. The greatest interest in this island was raised because of colonial propaganda, but the harsh reality of life on the island differed from the expectations of people who went there. It was an island full of arid or completely hostile areas, angry natives, completely uninhabited areas and, of course, pirates, which discouraged new settlers who were completely disappointed upon arrival on this land. What was this state like? Perhaps it is best to point out two or three of those social principles that were laid down in the basis of the existing orders there. One of them: “Our thoughts are true, just and noble: this is the pursuit of Freedom.” Another: “We do good to the oppressed, we fight their oppressors.” Third: “We proclaim the equality of all people without exception.” Private property was not recognized in Libertalia. There was a common treasury, but money was used only in relations with the outside world — to purchase goods needed by the republic. Goods were divided among citizens, and Europeans had no advantages over Africans and Malagasy. In the republic itself, money was not in circulation. Labor was considered the duty of every citizen, without any special remuneration. It was daily labor, seemingly unacceptable for pirates, as well as voluntary submission to the discipline of the commune. The virgin land overgrown with bushes was cultivated. They sowed local maize and grain found in the holds of captured ships. Cattle alone had at least 300 heads. Fabrics, cauldrons, knives, axes and rum were exchanged for rice, meat and fruit — the peaceful environment in Libertalia attracted local residents who were already familiar with European products.
People flocked to Madagascar from all over the world. And soon the city in the bay of Diego Suarez grew and got stronger and had a population of about a thousand people. The settlement had plantations, a fortress, a fleet, docks. The entrance to the bay where the settlement had been built was fortified and even two forts were erected. Forty guns are placed on both sides of the shore, ten guns — in the center of the bay. The Libertalia fleet was commanded by Captain Tew, a famous American pirate who joined the republic after its creation. The republic had three ships. There was also its own dock, in which two more sloops were built — “Freedom” and “Childhood”.
In the central part of the island, in the area of the central plateau, by the second half of the XVII century, a strong slave-owning kingdom of Imerina had grown and strengthened. The tribes living in the central part of the country had no love for the newcomers, but they were wary of attacking, since the pirate settlements were well armed.
Thanks to the unique cartoon design in the pirate style, players plunge into the romantic and dangerous world of pirate colonists who tried to establish their first pirate republic in history. Prove that you can create a better colony, protect its inhabitants from the raids of local residents and expand your possessions both into the depths of the island and to other lands located across the sea!