Captain Honey
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🗺️Roadmap and completed milestones

Step 1: 1Q 2022

Build team; ✅ Website and social communities; ✅ NFT development; ✅ Game concept draft; ✅ Blueprint draft; ✅ Full game concept.✅ Pre-Alpha technical documentation; ✅ Pre-Alpha Mockup; ✅

Step 2: 2Q 2022

First version of Smart contract;✅ Atomichub whitelist;✅ “Founders badge” free drop;✅ Game promotion; Free key distribution.✅

Step 3: 3Q 2022

First NFT drop; Pre-Alpha release; Mead token release and listing on Alcor; Staking pool launch.

Step 4: 4Q 2022

Closed Alpha Test; Closed Beta Test; Atomichub and Neftyblocks verification; Second NFT drop; Open Beta Test; Balancing the game economy;

Step 5: 1Q 2023

Game launch; First epoch run; New NFT announcement; Third NFT drop;

Step 6: 2-3Q 2023

New game version release; Invasion - Captain Honey Expansion Second epoch run; Further game developments: new NFT, lands, quest systems, battle mode. New NFT announcement;

Step 7: 4Q-2023, 1Q-2024

Run of new epoch, development of new Expansions, 3D development