Captain Honey


Captain Honey is a P2E blockchain Economical Simulator Indie game playable in a web-browser using WAX blockchain Smart Contracts with future expansion to other blockchain networks. Captain Honey allows beekeeping, send trade or pirate sea expeditions, crafting in-game items (NFTs – Non-Fungible Tokens) and mining 4 in-game currencies (resources).
Captain Honey creates a fantasy universe to experience a whole set of economic simulation gaming including building, crafting, farming, adventuring, and metaverse discovering. Become the real leader of your future pirate empire. Especially, by gamifying modern blockchain mechanisms, Captain Honey will bring players a new dimension of mixed entertainment and earning.

Our motivation

Our team is a big fan of WEB 3.0 and decentralized finance. We believe in the great future of the idea of creating a metaverse that can qualitatively improve the life of mankind, simplify communication, erase physical barriers and significantly advance science and technology. The metaverse has enormous creative and economic potential. The synthesis of human and artificial intelligence within the metaverse and at the level of individual universes can lead to amazing results. Our team strives to become a part of this new world that is being created before our eyes. We invite all of you to take part in an exciting journey into the unknown world of WEB 3.0, let's become real pirates of this world! The easiest way to touch the new reality that is being created in our time is to participate in gaming Defi projects, the existence of which has become possible thanks to NFT and blockchain technologies. There is nothing easier than to explore new opportunities in a playful way. Investing, returns, and moonshots are undoubtedly fun, but why couldn't it feel more like a game. Our game is a separate world with an economy open to players, where the user can own any entities, as well as dispose of their property for their consideration (destroy, create, buy, sell, exchange). Thanks to the use and integration of the latest technologies available on the market in the field of Web 3.0, we create a leading product not only within the Wax blockchain network, but also in the size of the entire community.

The main goals of this game are:

Сreating a pleasant atmosphere on a pirate galleon called Captain Honey. Conducting contests and drops to ensure the leisure of the players. Earn WAX through the playing process and by taking part in the game economy. Gain and exchange resources with others to become the best pirate in the world. Accumulate a high in-game Total Asset Value (TAV) to reach the top of the Leaderboards and earn rewards. Unlock and earn powerful in-game NFTs. The most important purpose of our game is also to draw public attention to the problem of the disappearance of wild bees on our planet, as well as direct work with financial funds that deal with this problem (you could study our article here)

Our main features

  • Play-to-Earn.
  • Complexed well-balanced gamers-centric tokenomics model.
  • Unique hand-drawn NFT art and game design.
  • WAX Blockchain.
IMPORTANT: Please note that there is one important rule in this game. You may not play on multiple accounts and send NFTs from one account to another quickly in order to avoid the cooldown time limit for purchasing NFTs. If you own two or more accounts that are playing Captain Honey, they must each have their own Villagers, Buildings, Tools and live beings. These NFTs cannot be shared amongst the accounts in order to avoid the cooldown. We will actively monitor accounts and players will report suspicious behavior. Those found to be cheating will be excluded from the gameplay. Anyone who is excluded from the gameplay has no right to continue the development of the colony, as well as to receive rewards in the game. This type of behavior is strongly discouraged.