Captain Honey


Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) is the choice of blockchain for Captain Honey due to a wealth of reasons: ● The WAX Blockchain was created fundamentally for the distribution and trading of NFTs, having many user-friendly decentralised applications to interact with your NFTs; ● A clean & carbon neutral blockchain: ;
● It is practically free to transact on the WAX blockchain whereby you simply have to stake (refundable) a small amount of WAX in order to use the blockchain resources;
● The blockchain uses a Delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm which makes WAX a clean and carbon neutral blockchain; 125,000 times more efficient than Ethereum and 320,000 times more efficient than Bitcoin.
● For the exchange, purchase and sale of NFT within the Wax network, there is a convenient infrastructure in the form of such marketplaces as AtomicHub and Neftyblocks. The sale and purchase of in-game tokens will be implemented on the basis of a decentralized financial platform To use all these services, it is enough for a user to have only a registered WAX wallet.
● To run applications on the blockchain, you do not need to install special software on your device. Access to the user's wallet is possible from any browser that supports the display of pop-up windows. The wallet has integrated two-factor authorization, which guarantees the security of the user's assets. To create your own custom wallet on the WAX network, you need to register at the link below in a few clicks: . For additional security, it is also possible to install additional software in the form of an Anchor Wallet via the link