Captain Honey

Untradable resources

There are only one resource in the game that cannot be exchanged with other players - Labor force.
Labor force This is a limited resource that can be increased by using NFT from the "House" category. The rarer the quality of the card is used, the more manpower becomes available to the player. This resource is necessary for any activity in the colony, including the extraction of wood, metals, honey and sending ships on an expedition. At the time of execution of the task, the worker is temporarily blocked and cannot be used for other work. The number of workers that are needed to perform the work is indicated in the game in the description field of the characteristics of the tool used. After the time timer expires from the execution of the task, the worker is released and can be used further. In the alpha version of the game, there are 6 cells available for placing NFT house cards in the colony. The table of NFTs that increase the overall level of the workforce is listed below:
NFT name
Number of unlocked labors
Small house
Medium house
Big house